Looking good won't slow us down

Snake and Cake earrings are very very very light.
And there's a secret to it.

Sooooooo light 🎈

Ok, how light exactly, you might ask? Well, weighing only a couple of grams, you could dance with them all night and in the morning your ears would be like "feeling like million dollars, baby!". That's how light they are 😚

Soft but strong 💪

Made from special type of soft and allergy-friendly silicone, this jewellery feels super good against your skin and is mega flexible and durable. It's also a breeze to keep clean: just wash it with basic soap.

Unique designs 💎

Hand-drawn by our amazing and talented women designers, Snake and Cake pieces are always exclusively unique. What does it mean? That every other person out there ain't wearing what you are!

Words from our amazing customers

Who knew that silicone is an amazing material for earrings? I can wear these colourful, flashy things all night long when I go out dancing.

Tina, London

These are modern & funky earrings. The best part about them is that you likely won’t notice them, but everyone else will! Surprisingly light for their size. You’ll be all set to dazzle all day long.

Emilia, Berlin

Thank you for these! So many colors to choose from! They are  big and nice to wear! Gracias!

Carmen, Madrid

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